Keyboard Maestro

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Keyboard Maestro is one of those utilities I could not live without. At the Daily Mac Viewdo a search for Keyboard Maestro as I’ve written more than once on this program. I have used it for such a long time that, at times, I just take it for granted. Let it act up or not work for whatever reason and I sure am not taking it for granted.

Keyboard Maestro is a macro programming utility. It, at the surface, speeds up say application launches by you assigning a key to the function. This is wonderful but this program can do so much more. I have a huge number of Macros that I’m drawing on constantly to perform functions for me. This is an extremely powerful program. You can do so much with it.

You’ll see that I chose Alfred as one of my favourites and are probably wondering would there not be some overlap between the two programs. There’s some overlap but not much. In Alfred you can build programs or in the areas of overlap like searching for a telephone number this is done from Alfred as it’s better suit this task. Keyboard Maestro though plays a stronger role in repetitive tasks that can be automated.

I feel like Alfred and Keyboard Maestro happily coexist. They do. They also are doing their own thing or they’re doing it as I put in the code for that. Thus, I’ve got what is the right balance of Automation.

Don’t let Keyboard Maestro scare you as to a novice user this program can seem a bit daunting. Working with it and drawing on the manual you’ll start to get Macros together at a good speed. I can’t say enough good about Keyboard Maestro so at this point I’ll stop.

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