OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite Released

Although this is likely the last in a line of releases for Yosemite, this upgrade is important. Yosemite has been a generally poor performing operating system. Further, it’s instability has led to numerous reported incidents of trouble for the computer and its operation. Though generally passable, it has likely been Apple’s visually most pretty operating system whilst at the same time its worst operating system.

Apple Never Ceases to Amaze with a big What since Steve Jobs Passed On

The OS is now likely at it’s most stable yet it’s taken a long time to get there. Is it as good as it could be. Time will tell but it is unlikely. With the OS in the 5th iteration and operating as if it has just gone gold, it probably has a ways to go to be what was achieved in the past.

Tim Cook is Not a Tech Guy and Never will Be

Tim Cook, one has to remember, is not a tech guy. Look what happened to Microsoft when Steve Ballmer was put in charge. The company was close to ruined. Tim Cook has led Apple down the same road.

Poor operating systems and what of the Mac Pro. Then there’s the Apple watch. Interesting and it may succeed but I don’t know anyone that wants one and I know many who think it’s downright idiotic.

Be Certain to Get this OS till El Capitan Arrives

Definitely download this release until El Capitan arrives. This OS holds more promise. Maybe Apple is learning from their mistakes. Maybe not.

El Capitan is said to be more robust. One, it isn’t loaded with so many features you have no idea where to start and this makes it far more manageable. There has been a concerted effort on quality vs quantity. Isn’t that what Apple was all about. Quality?

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