If There was ever a time to move to Typinator, Textexpander makes for a Good Case in Point as to Why

So Smile software, the makers of TextExpander, have done an excellent and compelling job as to why to use Typinator. Their new subscription based model puts them on equal footing as Ma Bell (the old days) when subscription based modeling was the rage, at least among the Telecos. It ensured a steady stream of income or as people used to say the money printing press. In the case of Smile this now seems to be what they would like to do with Snippets.

Sanity and Insanity

The good old days where you bought the entitlement to use TextExpander are waning fast. This is done out of a desire created by wanton greed. Should we be so fast in opening our wallets to this approach. Not in a million years.

As long as there is an alternative and Typinator makes for a good alternative as long as they don’t do the same things, we have Sanity vs insanity. Snippets are not the telephone of old in which, for very legitimate business reasons, we had to create a snippet just like we had to make a call.

Then competition happened in that industry and the industry was thrown into chaos. The days of Sanity and Insanity arose. If I wanted to get LD, I now had a choice and the choice was exercised. The Ma Bells were turned upside down a long with their mother AT&T.

Let’s Hope Typinator et al continue to Do Business as Usual

I would hope, for our sakes, that Typinator keeps the current business model. It is both a good product and a powerful product. There is no reason not to buy it immediately. You will have faster snippets which are as powerful as anything you can get from Smile.

Our computers are already becoming bogged down by unfettered upload access in which the ISPs were unprepared. Let’s now add to it yet another cloud backup service. We are getting so many cloud backup services we’ve forgotten why they came into existence.

This though will iron out after the wash. Hopefully left standing will be logic. We need one cloud backup service which is global, local backups to ensure quick access to that which we may have accidentally lost something and the redundancy that makes for sound backup. We don’t need companies turning this into the new Ma Bell.

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