Welcome to Our New Blog for the Tech Group of Sites

Well, it’s time. We were thinking what might we be missing that would help our readership beyond the articles and information we provide on a regular basis between the:

  • New Mac View
  • Daily Mac View
  • Tech Today Review

We realized what we needed was a blog or a place you could come to so that we could relay what we’re up to. I want to welcome you to our blog.

Our intent is to inform you of changes and things that could be relevant to what’ going on. We really had no mechanism to do this before having a blog. We could write an article but it is temporary as it changes in the que for new articles that are being posted.

If you’re wondering about anything that is going on, the blog could be your source of information around the activity. It could also lead you to write us an email to see if there is more information available.

Finally, as a result of something you’ve read on the blog or an idea you have you can write: kerry.dawson@dailymacview.com with suggestions or queries.

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