A Very good Bargain: The HTC One A9


Lately, I’ve been spending more time looking at Smartphones, their value proposition relative to cost. During Steve Jobs early days, a concept was developed called the “Reality Distortion Field” in which the mantra Steve Job’s was postulating was accurate or not. Whether it was true or not it was believed. This is no small matter.

Stepping this back to reality, there is much to be described about a product that is accurate and not prone to the Reality Distortion field.

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HTC one a9

What I’m going to present is as close to reality as possible. HTC has two phone lines, in particular, that are stellar. However, Stellar in the way I’m using it is not a reality distortion. It is pure hands on use.

One line, the a9 looks much like an iPhone. It’s an Android phone. At it’s regular price, I thought it was slightly overpriced but considering they define the phone as midrange which it definitely is not but higher range it is probably priced appropriately. It has features and a look of a flagship phone.

The HTC 10

HTC’s current flagship is the HTC one m10. There’s no question this is a beaut of a phone but for many the a9 will meet their needs for much less. In fact, I would say this phone is underrated.

HTC one A9 is on Sale for $275 USD

I decided to check the price of the phone during this Black Friday/thanksgiving day sale and was surprised – pleasantly – when I saw the price.

Currently, I have the a9 Garnett Red phone and it is a wonderful both to look at and to work with. This is no reality distortion. This is simply my perception of the device and at that price, I could not see how I’d go wrong ordering another.

Opal White and Silver

I had trouble choosing between Opal and Black. But as I looked at the lines of the phone, it’s colour relative to what’s out there, I was sold.

I have a medical mobility condition and where it comes to things like this, there is an obvious insurance policy you’re taking out here. If there is a problem, a secondary phone should be charged and able to go if the first isn’t.

Might do a Review but I Wanted to bring this to Your Attention

Although hardware reviews are not the purpose of Tech Nows Group of sites, this might warrant it. Regardless, this is one fantastic phone that looks like an iPhone, runs with all the current tech, has a brilliant AMOLED display wherein the colors pop relative to the actual iPhone and is something you can be up and running with fast in a Mac environment. The major thing here, is you have it all but the price is dramatically different.

Apple unfortunately seems to have lost its mojo if you will. Priced at almost four times the cost of the a9 there’s basically no way to justify it. Take a look at this. Youtube videos are filling with calls for Tim Cook’s resignation, Microsoft is becoming the King again and well Apple has just become too disappointing.

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