Typinator 7 Released: A Solid Competitor to TextExpander


Typinator 7 has been released. It was always a strong competitor to Textexpander but now Ergonis Software has upped the ante significantly.

Dissatisfaction with TextExpanders new pay As you Go Model

When TextExpander released their new version as a pay as you go model to get all the features and allow snippet sharing there was a real backlash. This backlash caused users to stop and consider the alternatives and there are many. Probably the best though is Typinator and due to its speed some have felt it better.

New Interface for Smooth, Flexible and Easy Interaction

One of the first things that stands out distinctly is the new interface. It has been done very nicely. All the shortcomings in v6 have been eradicated. Now windows are resizable and very easy to work in. Further, what you do is intuitive and aided by small prompts to assist.

Slew of Small and Useful Additions

All and all, Typinator delivers a solid, high performing product that not only expands snippets, but phrases, forms and formulas. To get Typinator is very reasonable if it is an upgrade as it is around $12 USD. For the full package it is about $26. Typinator iterations tend to be around for a long time with numerous updates at no additional cost a huge savings over TextExpander.

Shared Snippets

Finally, one of the largest additions is that of shared snippets much like TextExpander provides for teams. Add to this a bevy of pre-canned snippets for various activities and all and all you have a very fine product.

Slowly, more and more vendors are moving to a monthly or yearly paid model for their products. Individually, this isn't necessarily expensive but when you add up what you might need it can quickly become prohibitive. This trend by vendors is likely to backfire as users will start to cut back on the breadth of solutions they need choosing core products thus excluding some from playing. In an environment such as this, the Typinators of the world, provided they provide a strong product as they have, become a real alternative.

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