Tech and the Stock Market as it Blasts off: Again

It seems there is no stopping the tech's performance on the Stock Market these days. It may be just that the whole market is doing well and so is tech. Regardless, a portfolio that held Apple and say Microsoft for the last two years will have done very well.

Microsoft is on a Real Bounce

Microsoft is has done very well. The market is looking favourably on Microsoft's portfolio of products and how they are performing. Most specifically, they are very happy with the results of:

  • Windows 10
  • Office 365
  • The Surface computer

Microsoft's strategy of one OS for everything is also starting to payoff. It makes it easy for a developer when developing a product as s/he is just writing it for one OS.


Apple has seen a bit of a turnaround in recent days after a fairly steep decline from its high. Apple is sitting on a mountain of cash and if they could get their act or their strategy, to be more precise, together the market might be even more positive. However, with Apple's healthy cash reserves, they are will be in the game for a long time.

Tech Traditionally has been a bit of a Risk

Although tech stocks have traditionally been a bit of a risk historically (big gains and big losses), tech is now such an embedded part of society it no longer holds that banner. One still has to keep a good eye on their portfolio but that holds true of any stock market investment.

Tech though is the now and the future. Growth in the industry will only continue as things get faster, systems get easier to manage plus they contine to be more intrusive in our daily lives. It is probably unwise not to consider tech in a mature fashion in any portfolio now.

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