Zooom/2: Editors Choice for this months Mac Beneficial Utility Software

Every so often, I choose something which I call editor’s choice if I find that it is good, helpful and relatively easy to use. Usually, when I choose something, be it a piece of utility software or a major package, I’ve worked with the product for quite some time.

Jan 2017 – Zoom/2

For this month (this is not a by month thing nor is it that I might only choose 1 thing in a month) I want to highlight Zooom/2 as a very useful utility package that aids one in something that is done over and over and that is:

  • moving windows
  • Sizing windows

Traditional Approach

One might wonder why Zoom 2 is such a useful piece of software when it is easy to do either of the above. Simply, Zoom 2 makes it easier. In the traditional approach, to move a window you grab the top of a window and drag it around moving to that spot you’d like it.

In terms of sizing, you simply grab the edges and pull or push to resize them. If you feel you need to play around a bit to get them right where you want them this could use a steady mouse hand and a keen eye.

Zoom 2

Zoom 2’s greatest benefit for me is the ability to hold down the shift and command key and with the mouse button anywhere on the window just move it to where you want it. To resize the window, you now just press the shift option key and put in different directions to resize it. It doesn’t sound like much, but over the course of a day it’s a lot as it just makes this whole process a lot easier.

No longer do you have to keep your eyes on the Bullseye to accomplish the task. Errors are reduced and speed is increased. I find I use Zoom 2 all the time and this little thing makes me just a bit happier I don’t have to fiddle here and then to align things.

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