Apple’s Stock Surges a long with its iPhone Sales

Apple’s stock, since its Quarterly report at the beginning of this week, surged based on extremely healthy product sales. In fact, Apple generated its highest quarterly revenue ever, and broke multiple records along the way. In every major category(, except for that of the iPad, its sales were up and in the case of the iPhone, they have beaten all previous records.

Regardless of Skepticism

There has been alot of skeptics on the Apple front as of late and one would expect the reverse of what just happened. Samsung’s Note disaster certainly did not hurt Apple’s bottom line but that doesn’t explain this.

Apple remains a company still held in high regard. Consumer feedback always reports the most positive experiences with Apple especially around the quality of their products. This stands to reason as Steve Jobs was passionate about producing the best and he did.

People Still Want Apple

Even though Apple is beginning to lag on say the technology front of the iPhone, it doesn’t negate the quality of the product and people’s satisfaction with the product. It is an easy to use, high end phone with an extremely high build quality and a very low failure rate. Plus, even though I’m saying it might lag in certain areas relative to Android, it is still, in many ways, far more functional. It’s ease of use is hard for anyone to compete with. It is the only phone with one wallet capable of supporting almost any vendor out there. Finally, it’s camera is considered the one by which all others are measured.

There is more to the above which drives Apple. It’s commitment to consumer satisfaction is unwavering and they are fast and consistent with IOS and MacOS releases while this can only be said of a very few Android handset makers.

The product line has moved from revolutionary to a well rounded and somewhat mature group of products people just want. Nothing can really beat the Macs for design, quality, ease of use, a plethora of apps and on it goes. Although expensive, they resell well and hold their value far better than the competitions.

Apple Should Never be Underestimated

Apple is faced with challenges no doubt but this is true of info tech advancement in general. Apple currently still offers what the consumer wants and as a result the market responded very positively to the results. Rather than decline, Apple saw increases in almost all its categories. This bodes well for the future as although Apple might appear to be having trouble innovating, they certainly have enough of a war chest to innovate and make it happen.

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