AppleTV: Apple Poaches Amazon as it Struggles with this Business Opportunity

Apple recently poached Amazon’s Timothy D. Twerdahl to help with its struggling AppleTV arm. Apple who once lead the charge is loosing to the competition through every fault of its own. Their first mistake was calling it a hobby but again Steve Job’s did have the brilliance to see the potential. However, due to myopic thinking they squandered that vision so now they’re reduced to poaching.

Should Have, Could Have, Would Have

A few distant voices were trying to get Apple to see the light of day as they continued for far too long to keep their head buried in the sand. They even coined the AppleTV the future of TV and then squandered their greatest asset. TV is still done best by Apple and it’s hard to understand how Apple doesn’t understand this or maybe they now get it.

They recently sent Eddie Cue in to negotiate with the studios for rights to content. They sent a boy in to do a man’s work. Tim Cook should have gone. Steve Job’s would have gone as he knew that business. Yet Apple, lacking any form of vision since the demise of Steve Job’s continues to ride on the back of Steve Job’s with its myopic view of tech not understanding the potential they have; and if they’re not careful it will be one day what they had.

It’s Not too Late

They finally have done something right; something to say to the world they get it. How they couldn’t is anybody’s guess. Yet they didn’t. People have waited so long for that next logical step of content and we have only begun seeing the light of it but not from Apple! Strange?

Apple continues to have the best technology and infrastructure to revolutionize TV as we know it. It’s time they act and it’s time Tim Cook did something right instead of all his personal agenda stuff.

AppleTV will Succeed but with a Host of Friends

The AppleTV, when it came out, was way ahead of it’s time. Apple could have done so much as leaders. I suspect, if the new fellow does it right and Tim Cook wakes up, the company will succeed. But they only have a short time frame now. They will also be joined by a lot of powerful guests to the party.

Yet, the benefit to us all, if Apple can get its act together, is enormous. With or without Apple now it will remain enormous. With Apple though, as Apple has done, it might bring credibility to the table a long with a promising lineup. The drafting of Twerdahl from Amazon adds to the table this level of action which is finally required.

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