Video Overview of the Hit List and 2do

In this article, rather than actually providing you with a written article on these GTD Task Management systems, I thought I’d just present a video overview of the systems. I have written articles on each one and although I like them both, my preference lies with 2do as it is fully cross platform in that it works in the full Apple environment and Android. However, if the software was not excellent, I would not make a choice based solely on its cross platform capability. With 2do as with the Hit List you will find an extremely mature and adept system, one that should meet any need you might have for Task Management from the simplest approach to that of the most functional. In other words, you can’t go wrong with either of these system however, 2do will go that extra mile.


Let me know how you find the overview and whether you feel that either one of these systems or one more than another would meet your needs.


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