Apple Stock Continues to Climb

Apple’s stock, certainly since the early 2000’s, has done extremely well. It hit a high of over $700 when a split was declared bringing its price back down making it more available to the masses.

Of late, Apple’s stock has been doing extremely well and it is expected to continue to climb based on some pretty solid fundamentals assuming their accuracy. Should Apple continue to excel with their iPhone and as long as they remain vibrant in tech, the investor doesn’t need look far a field.

Apple has a Number of Things Going for It

The stock is currently over $135 and at the time of the seven for one split it was about $70. This appreciation is no less than excellent but it’s not like the analysts feel Apple is out of steam. The current sentiment is Apple’s future sees more healthy growth.

There are a variety of reasons for this such as:

  • quality products
  • customer satisfaction
  • steady and solid evolution of the products
  • a commitment to the customer experience
  • a lack of reliable competition although this is beginning to change
  • and on it goes

These types of things continue to bring the consumer back to buy more. Apple’s quarterly report exceeded expectations. Apple is still seen to have healthy room to grow in its future also. Other companies just don’t seem to deliver quite the same full quality experience that the Apple user is used to.

Competition is Getting More Intense

However, the one thing Apple has to keep a close eye on is the state of the competitions product. In some cases, they exceed the capabilities of say Apple’s iPhone. Android would be one of Apple’s most major forms of competition and while Google was rather distant from Android this camps act wasn’t coming together any too fast.

This though is changing as Google is playing a much stronger hand now in the control and growth of Android. Yet, with all the players in the Android camp, Apple still produces a well sought after device. The iPhone is one of Apple’s largest areas of revenue and they are not likely to let that go anytime soon.

Yet, Apple produces a number of products that are highly sought after including their computers and now the AppleTV. If done right, the AppleTV could not only be a major revenue generator but could be one of the leaders in the changes around the way we watch TV. They already are.

A Sound Investment

Apple stock has proven itself to be a sound investment. No one can predict the future but unless Apple seriously bungles something, Apple should remain a solid investment for both capital protection and growth.

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