Journaly a Simple but Effective Cross Platform Journal

As I’ve previously nentioned, cross platform support, primarily between Android and the Mac, is all the rage. New applications just seem to be being built that way while applications that have been around for a while are either going cross platform, it’s being thought about or it’s not on the table currently.

As an example of the latter case Day One is developing an Android app that will fit into its ecosystem. Journey on the Android side has a Mac app and they are working on an IOS app. As one other example, 2do was migrated a while back but its Android app became very dated when they modernized their IOS app. Now however, the app for Android is just as robust or maybe even a touch better.


Journaly is a brand new app from Emberify that is fully cross platform. Unlike Day One though, this is a very simple app but it is Cross Platform and that can be just as or more important in some cases . There are obviously more growing pains to conquer when you decide you will have a cross platform app but you expand your audience dramatically and the nature of the market is such that users have been after this kind of functionality for quite some time.

For those who simply want a very easy environment to Journal in; one which will support photos and some novel things Journaly might be exactly what you need. If you’re use to Day One, Capture 365 or Momento, this might be too much of a step down. However, Journals don’t necessarily need be Ferrari’s.

Unique Attribute

Journaly does have one very interesting function that allows you to define templates to answer questions from day to day. This can give you a guide to how your doing with something. As an example, you might simply ask yourself how many coffees you’ve had today. Take that out over time though and it can give you an interesting picture of this usage or something completely different.

The one aspect that often gets lost in a Journal, simply due to its free form nature, is the structure it can bring to certain items you may want to track but in a very relaxed fashion.

Cross Platform is where its At

The cross platform aspect of Journaly is really its claim to fame. With this, you can easily have a Mac computer/s yet an Android phone or work seemlessly in the two environments. Cross platform functionality brings a lot to table, far more than I can go into in the modest review of a piece of interesting software.

Journaly certainly isn’t for everyone, but for those whose needs are well met by the app, it could be right on saving you a fair bit of money over the high end Ferarri’s that are easy to find. Further, some just want a very simple app to Journal in; a place to capture their thoughts, things they’ve done and things they’d like to do. Utimately, that is what a Journal is all about; a place to reflect and see how the course of your life is unfolding.

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