iPad Retina replaces the Air

A new iPad was released referred to just as the iPad with a stunning Retina display. Gone are the Air models. There is now simply the iPad, iPad Pro’s and iPad mini. It made sense, at this point, to simplify the lineup.

iPad Air redefined Apple’s iPad’s

Before the Air, the iPad’s were starting to get a bit on heavier and thicker size. The Air changed all that with a sleek, light body and a powerful sub structure making this one of the finest iPad’s produced. Some will say the iPad 2 was the finest but regardless they had one thing in common – a light weight, nice to work with device built to last.

The iPad Pro with a dollop of Snake Oil

With Apple’s lack on ability to really change an already first class device, they love churning and advertising not necessarily in that order. The Pro was simply the evolution of the Air. The Air, I guess, just doesn’t sound as cool as the Pro. The Pro didn’t redefine anything though. The Air could have easily been the pro but then what would you do with the Snake Oil.

The iPad

This is significant. This is Apple’s least expensive iPad at its most popular size; 9.7”. Starting at $329 this is really hard to pass up. Whether you need one or not, with what you’re getting at $329 you might as well have one. In reality, combined with the 4.7” iPhone, you have a dynamite combo.

The 4.7” iPhone is the perfect size for the hand, to talk on and provides adequate real estate in a mobile environment. Want to keep things still very mobile but have the option of adding in a larger screen as that real-estate makes a difference. The iPad is ideal.

All things being equal, you might only need bring your computer when you have to do the heavy duty work. Othewise, this combo will get you through a fast road trip easily.

The Computer though is Here to Stay

Apple is starting to do things right again. However, I don’t think anyone should be fooled into thinking the iPad Pro will replace a computer, be it your 27” iMac or Mac Pro or even your 13.3” Air. The quality and performance of these work environents simply cannot be replicated on a Pad.

The iPad is a Tool to be Reckoned With

Frankly, the new iPad says to me a new Apple more than anything I’ve seen in a long time. Apple seems not afraid to come down in price to cross the range of users and their budgets. That Apple provides both a utilitarian and an egalitarian product serves everyone better. It’s fine to have the high end there for those that need it or would just like to have it but when it comes to work it is better, especially in today’s working world of the productivity of the team, that all can equally acquire Apple products and don’t need run to Android to fill that need.

Apple seems to Have come to Terms that they Can Service all ends of the Market

As I said, this and the changes made to the iPhone SE, which I will cover next, say more about Apple truly changing than anything they have done since Steve Job’s passing. This new iPad is a stunner and it is affordable and it comes from a company already commanding the Pad market.

Depending on your needs, Apple can now reasonably fullfill that of the budget conscious consumer to the high end, no holds barred user. A configuration that might make sense for the user who spans a variety of environments is:

  • the iPad
  • 4.7” iPhone
  • Computer (tricky as if you need screen real estate but the power doesn’t matter as much the entry level iMac may be perfect). However, for the graphics/video archetype this might see a Mac Pro to do the job.

Variability Allows Apple to do It

With Apple’s current lineup, I think they can meet the requirements of about any user need to date. If they, as an example, dumped the Mac Pro or something equivalent to this, the user would have to look elsewhere and this is where it can get confusing. All things being equal and with Apple’s seemngly new pricing strategy, I would suggest there is no reason to look elsewhere. You may want an Android simply as a result of what that platform can do. However, no longer should pricing be a key driver pushing you down that road.

Apple seems to be changing and for all intents I feel like a proud Apple user once again. It’s been a while in the making and I can only hope this isn’t a blip but a real strategic move. If it is, we are all winners. At the end of the day, a true win scenario rather than a smoke screen with mirrors, is so much more practical and rewarding than anything the Apple could do on the innovation front.

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