The iPhone SE gets a memory Bump


Apple is definitely not abandoning the entry level of the market. The new iPad is one example of this. This is yet another. The SE, considered as powerful as a 6s, has abandoned the arcane 16 gig starting point option for the 32 gig option. On top of the that, they increased the 64 gig option to 128 gig all the while holding the price the same.

For Some, the Desired Device is the SE

Although the SE is considered Apple’s entry level Smartphone, for some this is their desired device as they like the form factor. Light and compact, it fits in a pocket as an unnoticed item. For others, they like the feel of the device in their hand as it just feels right. So for many, this is a great entry level device but for others it is actually their preferred device.

From a looks point of view it is the same as the 5s which was a popular iPhone. It’s a stylish looking smartphone that is built like a tank. This is important, as some view their smartphone as an extension of who they are.

Memory bump is Demonstrating a Different Apple

Apple now seems prepared to step out of their paradigm of expensive. Yes, they have very expensive products but they are diversifying the mix so that the more budget conscious can step into the Apple environment. Provided they like it, they will evolve over time to choose more expensive products or simply more products in general becoming part of the Apple ecosystem.

Long Term Views rather than the Narrow Short Term

Apple is now and has been for quite some time in the enviable position of being able to support a broad range of users. No longer do they need cater to the narrow interest groups; the monied; or the status seekers. They can now provide service capability to a much broader cross section of the market and greatly increase their installed base.

Apple owes much to the loyal Apple person of the past and present who would stick by Apple threw thick and thin. However, now they are an industry leader and can afford to expand their vision; one that is inclusive and crosses sections of the market where you never used to see Apple. This alone will make Apple a company that leads all; is inclusive across sectors and demographic strata and in the end will make Apple an even more successful company than the one it already is. I can fully see a Steve Job’s embracing this view of Apple; an egalitarian company that produces fine, world class, leading edge product for all and not just for the few; the graphics designer; the monied etc. This is an Apple one can at least be more comfortable with if not proud.

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