Drive Genius 5 has been Announced

Prosoft Engineering has recently announced Drive Genius 5 for $99 USD. Filled with some very nice functions, such as Malware scan and antiviral capabilities along as other tools, this is a worth whiled upgrade or acquisition.

Drive Genius has long had a slew of very useful tools and some that are unique. It definitely has provided value in keeping your disk in good working order. I’m very much of the inclination that the proactive function of maintenance is important especially if it prevents some fatal failure. Nothing can really do that if it is meant to be, however, one can be on top of these things thus lessening the likelihood of being so afflicted.

Security is the Catch Phrase of the Day even for the Mac

In the computing world, the catch phrase today is ”Security”. Security has become such a major issue even the Mac user is being inundated with the need to provide security tools to prevent a breach and then the loss of either money, one’s identity and then who knows? It is a very big problem and a very expensive problem.

Drive Genius 5 seems to recognize this problem and has built right into it’s system security tools. There is a malware catcher along with other tools to help prevent a breach of the system. In many ways, this is its major differentiator from the competition.

This is not a fictitious problem in search of a question. It is vey real and costing the economy and individuals and inordinate amount of money. The problem is so serious, that many are wondering if the American election of 2016 wasn’t high jacked by hackers. Is Trump’s win real or fictitious. It is likely the latter that is at heat of the matter and the more we can do to put up solutions that prevent the problem, the better off we will be.

Upgrade Pricing for those that have Drive Genius 4

The price of the new software system is $99 USD however, if you currently have Drive Genius 4 then the price is half that. The upgrade pricing is for a limited time only.

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