Blog Update for April 2017

The “Tech Now’s” group of sites which includes:

  • Daily Mac View –
  • New Mac View –
  • Tech Today Review –

started about four years ago. The starting of the sites consisted of:

  • Daily Mac View
  • New Mac View

and were designed to discuss various aspect of the Mac World of computing which included OSX and IOS products.

The Daily Mac View was to be a more in depth site covering more expansive, high level subjects. The New Mac View was designed to present more immediate and current info such as news, software reviews, articles and products we generally liked.

Tech Today Review

Eventually we set up Tech Today Review to discuss any other technologies to keep you abreast of the trends in general. Here discussion about Android, Blackberry, Windows and Cross Platform etc was to take centre stage.

Work In Tandem

The sites are really intended to work in tandem. The reason for the three was to sort of categorize the writing or give topics a proper place or a home. I hope you have found that we have done that.

Changes, Updates and Adjustments

Over the course of time we have brought you changes and adjustments to the sites to make them more navigable and provide an easier fit.

Our other goal also was to provide a place where you could buy product from Stacksocial and Avangate. Stacksocial provides wonderful sales daily (plus tons of ongoing sales) while our Avangate lineup is to provide a set of media tools for specific purposes e.g. converting media, capturing, protecting and just keeping your system run smoothly all at discount.

The Blog will continue to Document our Changes

It’s our intention to use the blog more extensively to document our activities and changes; to explain aspects of the site and point out anything that is of particular importance. Please drop in and review the blog at your convenience.

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