The Sites and What you’ll Read

Most people are familiar with the Daily Mac View our premier site. We call ourselves “Tech Now/The Group” and we try to make sense and bring relevant information to you primarily on the Mac but to really deal with the current state of Tech in general.

There are three sites that work synergistically with each other yet stand alone in the type of information they present. The sites are:

The DMV (for short) is intended to provide articles of a lengthier and more in depth yet high level view of the subject. It is not intended to be a how to site. There are plenty of these.

The New Mac View

The New Mac View (originally the Mac View) was designed more to provide basic news and information, software and hardware reviews, a forum to express your ideas etc. It was also intended to act as a bit of a control site out to the other sites.

Tech Today Review

This site was recently introduced to discuss non Mac stuff that was actually, in many ways, fitting into a Mac environment. Android is a big factor here. Android is well suited for the Mac environment due to the software becoming truly cross platform.

It was further designed to provide, like the DMV, those articles that are high level outlining trends, strategies and benefits. However, it is designed to cover everything but the Mac except in how things might fit one environment to another.

I like think of this site as addressing a fundamental need: cross platform.

Ask Anything

At the group of sites, I encourage dialogue. Feel free to ask anything about the article or if more is known etc etc. And with that I’ll leave you with  good reading.

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