About Kerry Scott Dawson

Editor of The Mac View/Daily Mac View andwriter.

I have over a thirty year background in Information Technology having worked in the corporate world, freelance wrote and worked as a consultant. Additionally I have worked with both the PC and the Mac since 1984. In 1984 I was given the first PC to be used in a very large telecommunications company. I remember seeing my first Mac, at the University of Toronto bookstore, in 1984. It wasn’t long after I received my first PC that Macs began appearing in the company in Engineering.

I worked in Research and Development for a large part of my career which required the Mac a marvel of a machine then and today. As one of my activities, I had the responsibility of investigating a delivering what in the earliest days of what we take for granted now was called Integrated Office Systems (IOS).

With this extensive background in Information Technology, R&D, writing and consulting I felt like sharing this in a broader sense. I hope enjoy The Daily Mac View and the Mac View.


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